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You have questions about “Mut zur Lücke!”?
Here are the answers!

What do I need “Mut zur Lücke!” for?
“Mut zur Lücke!” and “Mut zur Lücke 2!” are trainer books. They prepare you for filling out Lückentests as they are required for many entrance exams in Germany.

What do “Mut zur Lücke!” and “Mut zur Lücke 2!” offer?

- Over 100 texts in different lengths and mostly on topics like German culture, history, regions, present political events ...

- Increasing level of difficulty

- Handy format – ideal for taking along

- The enclosed key in a separate volume facilitates instant revision (by teacher or student)

- Great for in-class usage: Lückentests can be filled out with or without the guidance of a teacher

- Texts in latest reformed version of German

- Increasing text length: Step-by-step approach to the speed needed for exams

Which language skills are “Mut zur Lücke!” and “Mut zur Lücke 2!” appropriate for?
The texts in “Mut zur Lücke!” have the level B1.
The texts in “Mut zur Lücke 2!” have the level B2/C.

How much are the books?
Your copy of “Mut zur Lücke!“/”Mut zur Lücke 2!” (key included) is € (D) 15,50 (plus shipping & handling, if you decide to order through this website).

Will you ship “Mut zur Lücke!”/”Mut zur Lücke 2!” to other countries as well?
Of course I will gladly send your copy to other countries. In that case please get in touch with me in advance, though!

How much is shipping and handling?
I am trying to offer fair shipping and handling to my customers, which is why the costs will differ according to the size of your order. For up to five books, shipping and handling is 2,50 Euros (within Germany). Larger orders ship free of charge (also only applicable to Germany). For shipment to other countries, please inquire here.

I can do Lückentests on the internet as well. Why should I buy “Mut zur Lücke!”?
Of course there are online possibilities to generate Lückentests. What makes “Mut zur Lücke!” special is the fact that the texts not only emulate the level needed for most entrance exams, but they also offer cultural, regional, and historical knowledge on topics concerning Germany. Online-generated texts (for example those entered by the student her/himself) most of the time cannot offer that. Apart from that, progress of the learner is easily measurable due to the increasing level of difficulty and text size.

Are “Mut zur Lücke!“/”Mut zur Lücke 2!” available at bookstores?
Yes. You can order “Mut zur Lücke!“ and “Mut zur Lücke 2!” using the following ISBNs:
Mut zur Lücke!  ISBN 978-3-00-025487-1
Mut zur Lücke 2!  Mut zur Lücke 2! ISBN 978-3-00-050772-4
In any case, ask your bookseller to look up the title in the VLB!

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